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Read news and stories about patient handoffs, resident signout, nursing report, care transitions, and how standardizing handoffs is reducing medical errors.

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Patient handoffs in medicine, resident signout and care transitions research

Handoff Research

A listing of some of the seminal papers and scholarly journal articles on the topic of safe handoffs between providers at hospitals and other medical facilities.

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Resources about standardizing patient handoffs in medicine at resident signout and other care transitions

Handoff Resources

A listing of several handoff resources you may find helpful. Includes links to tools and resources including information about standardizing medical handoffs.

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Annual Cost of Medical Errors?  $USD 1 Trillion.

Erin McCann of Healthcare IT News reports that medical errors cost the nation a colossal $1 trillion each year.


3rd Most Common Cause of US Deaths?  Medical Errors.

A July 2014 Senate hearing on patient safety revealed that medical errors were the third most prominent cause of death in the United States, directly behind heart disease and cancer.

Annual US Deaths Due To Preventable Medical Errors?  400,000 Americans.

What to make of that number, 400,000? Forbes contributor Dan Munro suggests that the same number of people would be killed if the largest commercial plane, an Airbus A-380, fell from the sky each day throughout the year.