Safer Patient Handoffs - Research

Title 1st Author Journal
An Electronic Checklist Improves Transfer and Retention of Critical Information at Intraoperative Handoff of Care Agarwala, Aalok V. MD Anesthesia & Analgesia
Changes in Medical Errors after Implementation of a Handoff Program (I-PASS Study) Starmer, Amy J. MD New England Journal of Medicine
Decreasing Handoff-Related Care Failures in Children’s Hospitals Bigham, Michael T. MD Pediatrics
SOUND: A Structured Handoff Tool Improves Patient Handoffs in a Pediatric Emergency Department Gopwani, Priya R. MD Pediatric Emergency Care
I-PASS, a Mnemonic to Standardize Verbal Handoffs Starmer, Amy J. MD Pediatrics
Improving Handoffs in the Emergency Department Cheung, Dickson S. MD Annals of Emergency Medicine
Patient Handoffs: Standardized and Reliable Measurement Tools Remain Elusive Patterson, Emily S. PhD Journal on Quality and Patient Safety
Hospitalist handoffs: a systematic review and task force recommendations Arora, Vineet M. MD Journal of Hospital Medicine